GMTBlog#5 Core Blimey!

After a full on day in the snow in Dalby yesterday and ahem, an interesting journey out of the forest (getting towed out in the van!) it was time for the annual pilgrimage to Core Bike Show and one of the few times we venture anywhere near a motorway. I’m just back from 7 hours of cursing numpties who can’t drive (proven by the multiple vehicle smash – hope everybody was okay) and before I collapse and hit the sack, I’m enjoying a beer and posting a few snaps from the show.

It was great to catch up with all the industry types I’ve got to know over the years (Pete, Chris, Matt, Ian etc) and I acted like a true MTB journo papping everything in sight.

Anyway. Enough waffle. Here are some snaps of shiny and interesting (well, to me anyway) things…

First some striking bits of clothing and protection… (hover over the pics for some attempts at mildly entertaining comments)


Then some nice looking bikes…

And finally some shiny things and fix it bits…


I’m far too tired (tyred?) to write too much tonight and I have a beer to finish before bed. If there’s anything that you desperately need more information on though, drop us a line.

#mtbtothecore. #aeewhatididthere. #overandout

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