Blog #2. Socks Appeal

As a guide and MTB coach one of the most important items of clothing has to be socks. Socks that are comfy and socks that last can often be mutually exclusive! I’ve tried so many pairs over the years that feel great to begin with and seem a bargain, until the heel goes through after a few weeks or the top goes baggy.

I’m not always a fan of the wonderfully natural merino wool for base layers (shock horror) as they can often get sweaty and stay wet for too long. I don’t suffer from overly hot feet though, in fact quite the opposite, so I look for nice cosy socks in all but tropical conditions (which don’t happen that often up t’North!). Merino in the past hasn’t been a great bet for me in terms of wear but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with these bobby dazzlers from Madison.

The three season versions are great on and off the bike and with some great colours they’re perfect if you like to rock a strong sock game. To be fair, Madison do have other models if you don’t like flaunting your socks appeal to all and sundry. My favourites over winter though have been the deep winter versions which, when worn with Goretex boots, have kept my usually ice cold feet as warm as they’ve ever felt.

The image above is of well worn but thankfully well washed socks that have been used constantly for about 4 months with no sign of thinning or bagginess. Being Merino, they have bobbled a fair bit (this might have something to do with also wearing them in trainers full of woodchip but that’s another story) but it hasn’t affected their comfort at all. They haven’t faded too much apart from the soles either so I don’t feel too scruffy when I wander around the house in them and of course, being merino, they don’t hum, even if my riding shoes are stinking out the boot room!

At £7.99 for the three season and £9.99 for the deep winter they’re pretty good value too. Sure, you can get three pairs from a certain bargain site for the same price but they wear through in no time and you can also pay a lot more for other premium brands.

Expect to see some orange and blue flashes around Dalby Forest and the North York Moors national park for the foreseeable future.

Isoler Merino deep winter and 3-season socks.

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